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Rebel (Patches)

January 2021 - Rebel is still a happy girl. We've decided to hold off on tumor removal and first address her heartworm treatment. They start this month. Wish her luck!


Oct 27, 2020 update:  It appears not all of the tumors were successfully removed and our sweet baby girl is going to need more surgery.  A consulation with a veterinary oncologist and more testing confirms no spread of the cancer to other parts of her body, but the tumors have to come off. This is going to be an expensive surgery, but hopefully the last!  We definitely need some help covering the cost ($5500).  If you can, please make a donation here on our website for her care! Thank you!


Oct 1, 2020 update: The large tumor that was removed from Rebel's abdomen was found to be cancerous. Thankfully it didn't spread, so we've gone forward with removing the remaining smaller tumors. She's in her foster home now recovering. Next up...heartworm treatment in November or December 2020.


Oh sweet Patches. Our girl is 48lbs and growing. We think she's a hound mix. But we know she's a lover! 

Patches came to us from a homeless camp on the west side of the island. She was found with a large tumor hanging from her abdomen and a really large hematoma on her ear. 

Her initial vet visit was full of other details of the pain she was suffering: Erlichea positive, Heartworm positive, malnourished and a raging ear infection.  Great news is...ALL CAN BE HEALED. And, she's been the sweetest girl throughout.  So that's where we are with this happy girl. We would most happily introduce her to anyone that may consider adoption, but it will be a while before she's ready for her forever home. 

If you're interested in meeting her, we invite you to fill out the  Adoption Application



Julio is a 1 yr + shephard mix. He weighs about 35lbs and is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations.

Julio is a pretty nervous guy out of the gate, of both people and other dogs of all sizes. HIs nervousness looks like alot of barking, initally.  It definitely takes him a while to warm up, but once he trusts, this guy's your best friend.  Julio's foster home has children over 5yrs old in it and he really enjoys their company (but barks at the neighbor kids). Over the next couple of weeks, some of the HDF fosters (strangers) are going to spend some time with this guy to teach him that strangers aren't bad and there are better ways to express himself when he's feeling uncomfortable. So, this guy is a work in progress. 


Julio walks well on his leash and enjoys walks. He's a very smart, medium energy guy, so activity (a couple of walks, or a hike or a bike ride) everday is a must for him or he'll get himself in trouble trying to find ways to pass the time and burn some energy.  He is housetrained and crate trained as well. 


If you're interested in meeting him, we invite you to fill out the  Adoption Application



DECEMBER 2020 Update: Philip is weighing in at 30lbs now. He's healthy enough to be neutered and microchipped this month.  The sweetness hasn't stopped. The gratitude hasn't stopped. He's almost ready for his new home (We're now certain it has another dog in it) and is definitely ready to meet his love connection!  


Sir Philip came to HDF on October 24th, when we heard about a homeless camp on the west side of the island being cleared out. Philip didn't belong to anyone in particular at the camp, but had been hanging around asking for scraps to eat ever since his sudden appearnace there in January 2019. 


Philip's overall health is ok. He is moderately underweight at 23lbs. (we think he should weigh about 35lbs). We believe he is about 2 or 3 years old. In the coming weeks, Philip will be eating small meals frequently in order to reach a healthy weight to be initally vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. 


In the short time he's been with us, Philip has shown us he's appreciative of the care and attention he's receiving, already bonding to foster mom and asking for her not to be too far away.  As his energy level returns, we get to know more about this guy and share what we learn.



Although he's not ready to move into a new home right now, we are definitely interested in chatting with anyone that may be interested in knowing more about him. If you're interested in meeting him, we invite you to fill out the  Adoption Application and we'll give you a call.



Smokey is a 3-4 old Sharpei mix that weighs about 50lbs. We met him at a homeless camp a few weeks ago.  Smokey had a pretty bad skin infection and was suffering from several open and oozing wounds as a result of alot of scratching.  A quick vet visit revealed demodectic mange.  So regular baths along with a regular flea and tick treatment (NexGuard) is what the doctor ordered. Already, his skin has improved drastically. As of January 2021, He is now neutered, current on vaccinations and microchipped.  


Smokey has been nothing but a lover since the day we met him.  At first, he slept quite a bit, but now that he's feeling better, he's got a bit more energy. He loves attention and affection from his foster mom, his dog walker and his foster siblings, Chacha and Falkor (foster mom's dog). Smokey has continued to be a pretty easy guy to bathe. We think he knows the warm baths are helping. Also, we've discovered his affinity for squeaky toys. Foster mom bought him a big yellow duck that he insists sleeps with him at night. 

We suspect Smokey would do well in a home with kids, but we're simply not sure about cats. 

If you're interested in meeting this very sweet boy, we invite you to fill out an Adoption Application

Happy Boy


Happy is just under a yeat old, weighs about 25lbs (he's a little under weight) and is an outgoing goofball. The minute he met his foster mom, he gave her a big slurpy lick on the face. He loves people of all sizes and enjoys the company of other dogs. (we're not sure how he does with cats, but suspect with proper introduction he'd do well).


 He is neutered, current on his vaccinations and microchipped. He is ready for his forever home!


He came to us from a 18-dog rescue on the North Shore.  While in foster care, he's learning to walk well on a leash and sleep in a crate. He is already housetrained. 


If you're interested in meeting Happy Boy, we invite you to fill out the  Adoption Application

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