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Tank is a 4yr old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. He weighs just under 20lbs and is neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations.

Tank came to HDF as an owner relinquishment. Unfortunately, life would not allow him to accompany them off island, so they reached out to us for help.

Tank's a pretty cool dude. 


Here's a list of his cool qualities: 

  1. He likes people and other dogs (he even likes foster mom's cat)
  2. He's housetrained
  3. He knows sit, down and stay
  4. He's not a picky eater
  5. He likes car rides and walks
  6. He's a small guy, so doesn't need much room to wait for you until you get home 
  7. He's a man of  few words (not a big barker)
  8. He's a master cuddler

Here's a list of his not so cool qualities:

  1. None

If you'd like to meet Tank, we invite you to fill out the  Adoption Application


He’s a 4 month old terrier mix and he currently weighs about 11 lbs. We’re really not sure how big he’ll get as an adult, but we’re guessing between 30-40lbs. He’s neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations. He’s house-trained, crate trained and knows sit, shake, down and wait.
He came to us through our collaboration with HHS. The staff there realized pretty quickly that the loud noises of kennel life wasn’t something he was keen on, as he would snarl and growl at them whenever they came close to his door.
Since being with us, we’ve learned a bunch about him (what he likes and doesn’t) and we now have a pretty good idea of the type of humans he’ll do best with.
We’ll warn you now, this guy is a little extra!  Eddie is courageous and smart (and a little stubborn). He learned his 3 tricks, each in about 15 minutes, all in one day. He’ll happily jump on and hang out on a boogie board floating in a swimming pool. And he’ll run up and down a slide on a children’s playground. He loves to hike, go for car rides, and play fetch. He also picked up on house training pretty quickly—even learned how to use a doggie door.
Eddie plays well with other dogs, but definitely needs some help to be calm at initial greeting. (He’s all for a mosh pit, all the time)
He likes human affection, but on his terms. He’s really not into high-pitched baby talk or schmoozy cuddling or getting affection from strangers, but he’s always down for a good belly rub from his preferred human(s) or a yummy treat (that’s any food, really..)
We think Eddie would do best in a home with a companion (a human, another dog that likes to play or maybe even a cat). And our guess is, small children that would want to touch him without asking would not be on his list of favorite things.
**Bonus consideration points for a family that can give him a job, like: fetch the paper, carry the stick, or find the treats.**

If you're interested in meeting the Edster, fill out an adoption application here


Rocko is 1 year old terrier mix. He weighs about 13lbs. He neutered, current on vaccinations, and microchipped.


He came to HDF from a homeless camp on the west side of the island. He didn't know much when he arrived in his foster home, but has always been a pretty eager learner (when treats and attention are involved) and is forever excited to try something new.


Rocko is an all-around happy guy. He loves people of all sizes, dogs too and likely cats (although he hasn't met any). For Rocko, everyone is a possible friend, so they need to be investigated.

Our boy scores a 100% with crate training and 99% for housetraining, with only an occassional accident (mostly because he's so excited to play that he forgets he needs to go). We're pretty sure with a continued solid routine, he'll quicky get to 100%.


Leash training is the thing that's coming along the slowest--this guy gets easily excited and is always ready to go, so he's quite the puller! We'd be happy to help his new family learn how to help him slow his roll.


So what does this guy's future home look like? It's got alot of activity in it. Kids to play with, activities to do, adventures to go on. (did we say if there was another playful dog, he thinks that would be AMAZING!) .


If you'd like to meet this adventures guy, please fill out an application here


Oh sweet Rebel. This girl weighs about 50lbs and is about 5 yrs old. We think she's a hound mix. But we know she's a lover! 

Ms. Rebel came to us from a homeless camp on the west side of the island of Oahu. She was found with a large tumor hanging from her abdomen and a really large hematoma on her ear.  

Her initial vet visit was full of other details of the pain she was suffering: Erlichea positive, malnourished and a raging ear infection. Great news is...ALL COULD BE HEALED. We removed the tumor and several others on her chest. The infection in her ear left alot of scar tissue, so one of her ears is a little thicker than the other. (That just means a little more human vigilance in ensuring it stays dirt free in there).

Rebel has been the sweetest girl throughout her care. She currently lives with 2 other dogs, one she likes. The other she's concerned he wants her food and could possibly steal treasured human affection. She doesn't live with any cats, but foster mom says when they're out on a walk, she's a little too interested. So, we think she'd prefer to have a home all to herself.

Rebel is crate trained, house trained and current on her vaccinations. She walks very well on a leash and doesn't need a lot in the way of exercise. She's a middle aged girl that would love to lay in the sun for most of the day with a few snacks and ear scratches sprinkled throughout. 

If you'd like to meet Ms. Rebel, we invite you to fill out the  Adoption Application




Smokey has been ADOPTED!!



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