Due to COVID-19, HDF will be conducting 1-on-1 meet and greets BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and in accordance with proper social distancing guidelines.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe!

Hawaii Dog Foundation DOES NOT have a hard-sided facility. All of our dogs reside in individual foster homes!



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Sassy aka Sasafras, Female

Sassy is a 3 year old female who weighs about 30lbs. She is up to date on all vaccinations, preventatives, and spayed. Sassy is friendly with dogs her size or smaller. Sas loves her humans to the core and is cruiser/couch potato certified. She is potty trained and crate trained. Small children and cats are unknown at this time. If you'd like to meet this pretty girl, please complete an adoption application here !

Piper, Female

Piper is about 8 weeks old and foster mom says Piper is so good, that she gets an A+! Piper was almost the first to potty on a pad and outside. Needless to say, she picks things up quickly. Piper is happy to play with her siblings or own her own or better yet....with you! Piper loves toys, kisses, and, running around outside. We don't know who mom and dad are as she and her sisters were rescued in September at a week or so old. Piper is probably a lab/pit mix and thinking she will be 50-60 lbs fully grown. Piper lives in a home with other dogs besides her sisters and has a grand time with her other fur friends! Piper has not met a cat yet so we're not too how she would do. If Piper catches your eye and you'd like to meet her, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!


Prue is about 8 weeks old known as the fireball of the group. She knows exactly what she wants and she gets it! Prue is the first one who gets up and is ready to take on the day. She loves exploring and belly rubs. Foster mom says they actually have to slow Prue down because she has places to be and people to see! If you like exploring different things every weekend, Prue is your girl! She might even motivate you to keep on going. Prue is a lab/pit mix at best guess. Fully grown, we suspect that she will be 50-60lbs. The power of 3, sets you free so if you'd like to meet Prue, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!


Meet this pretty girl, Phoebe. Phoebe is about 8 weeks old is the babygirl of her pack. We don't know who mom or dad are but as she gets older we think she is a lab pit mix. Phoebe is one of 3 little girls that were rescued in September at a week or so old. She loves to be picked up and snuggled. Phoebe doesn't exactly known what boundaries are as she likes to get up close and personal. If you let her, she'll even nibble at your ear! Phoebe lives in a house with not only her sisters but other larger dogs and does extremely well. We're not too sure about cats yet. Fully grown, Phoebe will weigh approximately 50-55lbs at most. We fully suspect her to be on your lap, thiking she is a small dog. Being alone for 8 hours is not ideal for Phoebe as she is still a young puppy. If Phoebe seems like the missing puzzle piece to your family, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!


Sammy is a 6-8 month old male who weighs about 30lbs. We're not too sure who Sammy's pawrents are but at best guess we think he'll be about 45lbs fully grown. We don't know Sammy's breed but he's looking like a lab, pit bull mix with a pinch of Chihuahua. Foster mom says that Sammy is so loving and kind. He LOVES playing with his 4 legged foster siblings and with his little foster humans. Foster mom also reports that they’re slowly working on commands too! We know 100% that Sammy would benefit from another dog in the home. We don't know if Sammy has been around a cat so they are unknow at this time. Foster mom reports that Sammy is so gentel with her tiny humans and loves to play with his 4 legged foster sibllings! Potty training and kennel training are coming along nicely! We're confident that Sammy would thrive in a family environment. If Sammy-boo seems like a great addition to your life, please complete an adoption application here and ask for him by name!


Let me reintroduce myself, my name is Poppy! Poppy is amost 1 years old and spayed. Poppy is up to date on all of her vaccinations and preventitives. Poppy and her sister Bonnie came to the foundation when they were little pups and both got adopted. Poppy has since returned to us as her little human developed allergies. Poppy is crate trained and potty trained. She loves children, the water, hiking, the beach and her humans! Having a playmate is an absolute must for Poppy, however, she does not like cats. Foster mom reports that Poppy has medium energy but can get overstimulated when she plays. Poppy is food motivated and doing really well with learning new commands. When we think of Poppy's future home we feel it looks like an adventurious individual and/or family. She does have some separation anxiety (foster mom is working on it) so being alone for 8+ hours a day is not ideal for her. If Poppy seems like the missing puzzle piece to your life/family, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!


MEET GIZMO! Gizmo is approximately 8 months old and he is neutered. Currently, he is 35lbs and still has some growing to do! Since we don't know his exact breed, we're just calling him da kine? Gizmo was found fending for himself on the west side of the island on the beach. We suspect that Buster has never lived in a home with a family, let alone any hoomans.
Foster dad reports that Gizmo is a pretty cool guy! He recently met the dog that lives next door and already has a play date set up. Needless to say, Buster would thrive in a home with another dog! We're still unsure of how he would do with cats or tiny hoomans but have high hopes!
We picture Gizmo's future home that likes to cruise around and like to be active as Buster is an adventurous guy! If you're interested in meeting Gizmo, please complete an adoption application here and ask for him by name! We don’t think it will take long for this cool dude to find his forever human(s).


Chip is a 6-8 month old male who weighs approximately 30lbs. We don't know who Chip's mom and dad is but we suspect he'll be around 40lbs fully grown. Best guess on his breed is some type of lab, pitt mix. Chip is described as happy go lucky, goes with the flow, fun loving pup, and sweet and easy to please. He will 10000% flourish with a dog/pack and children. He’s gentle and sweet. Foster mom has witnessed a bunny-hop when excited or a slight hip hop in his trot, it’s so cute. When foster dad comes home from work, the pack greets him with wagging tails and kisses. Chips fur sisters and human sisters are showing him the ropes! At this time, cats are unknow. Although he hasn't been on many adventures, we think he'd love to explore da big beautiful world. Chip will show the biggest, cheesiest smile. We know that it a sign of submission, but foster family thinks it’s the most adorable and endearing thing to see. Stay tuned for his undeniable, adorable pic of his showstopper smile! If Chip-aroo seems like the missing puzzle piece to your life/family, please complete an adoption application here and ask for him by name!

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