Due to COVID-19, HDF will be conducting 1-on-1 meet and greets BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and in accordance with proper social distancing guidelines.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe!


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Kimo (male)

Kimo was born on September 26th so he is about 10 weeks old. Kimo has normal puppy energy but really loves to snuggle! Since we know who mom and dad are, Kimo will be about 60lbs fully grown. Both mom and dad have pretty awesome temperaments so we know Kimo will be just as awesome. If you'd like to be considered in meeting this sweet boy, please click here to complete an application. Be sure to answer ALL the questions and provide as much detail as you can.Your answers help us match a dog to you!

Liberty (female)



Liberty is a 2-4yr old Terrier mix and weighs about 30lbs.


She was with us only a short time when we learned that this sweet, shy girl is expecting (and we think the fella in the picture might be dad as they were found together)


Liberty had her puppies at the end of July 2021 and several days later took in 7 more orphaned pups. THat's right, she's caring for 10 little ones. And she's doing a GREAT job!


Libs walks well on a leash, is crate trained and has learned to play fetch!


She won't be available for adoption until her pups are 8 weeks old, so September 2021, but we'd love to meet her new family that would be willing to wait for her before then. 


If you're interested in meeting Liberty when she's ready, please fill out an application here


Caleb (formally known as Loki) (Male) 

Caleb is a young -2-4 yr old terrier mix. He weighs about 40lbs, is neutered, microchipped and current on his vaccinations. Loki is also housetrained. As personalities go, Caleb is a bit of timid guy. He's nervous around new people upon initial meeting and a hectic lifestyle isn't his thing. So we think a family without small children would be best.
Once he gets to know the humans in his world, he's a love bug. (His shyness looks like moving away and hiding from the thing he's nervous about). He currently lives with 2 other dogs (one smaller and one the same size) and he definitely enjoys their company.
It's not a must, but we'd really like to find this guy a home with another dog that is little bit more confident than he is. Caleb is low to medium energy guy. He enjoys his daily walks with his foster family and he's always down for a game of chase with his foster sister.
If you're interested in meeting Caleb, please complete an adoption application here and ask for him by name!


Pepeaio is 1-2 yr old pitbull mix. She weighs about 45lbs. She is spayed, microchipped and current on her vaccinations.
Pep is happy go lucky girl. She is a lover of life. She loves toys, she loves, people, and she loves other dogs. Although she lives in a foster home with cats, she'd rather not in her forever home - she chases them.
Pep is currently waiting on a medical evaluation of her hips and she struggles a little to use her back legs to their fullest,so has a slight limp. (Don't tell her though, she has no idea!)
If you're interested in meeting Pepeaio, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!

Dixie (Female) 

Age: 3 years
Weight: Approximately 52 lbs
Current on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, housetrained and crate trained. <--- She's got it all!
It doesn't look like in the photos, but Dixie is a pretty energetic girl, so she's looking for someone that's got time and energy to burn with her. She's always down for a walk, a run (be easy - she's a meaty girl), hikes, any water sport, fetch or tug.
This girl is also a lover (for the most part). She absolutely enjoys the company of all humans, big and small. She is affectionate, extremely loving and will do anything for some cuddles. Her previous home had 2 children (8 years old & 8 months old) and she had great manners with both. (They did report the occasional "jump up" from excitement though - a behavior that training has alleviated).
Dixie is also an epic sleeper. When not moving, this girl can snore as loud as the rest.
Although she loves humans, she just doesn't like other dogs.
She likes cats, but not in a good way
She really does need to drain energy. If she doesn't get it, she can be barky/demanding or destructive.
Dixie's family loves her very much. They haven't come to this place very lightly. In fact, they recently hired a dog trainer to help them learn what they were doing wrong. And it's through that process they learned their hectic lifestyle and very busy schedules just didn't leave much room for what Dixie needs to be an amazing dog. So here we are.
Dixie's in search of a family that loves her as much as her last family, for sure, but one that lives a less hectic life (her previous dad was away for extended periods and mom worked 12-16hrs a day). She's looking for someone that can give her regular outlets for her energy and wants to practice her new found skills with. The included photos of her are with her trainer learning to sit (or lay) in one place and stay - a difficult task for most wiggly dogs. She's also learning to walk well on a leash and that all dogs aren't out to get her. She's doing extremely well in school. She's a very smart girl that's eager to please. Neither her former family or trainer want to see her go back to how things were, so Dixie will come to her new family with several free training sessions so the new family can understand what she needs and how to help her be the awesome family she is. If you're interested in meeting Dixie, complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!

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