Due to COVID-19, HDF will be conducting 1-on-1 meet and greets BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and in accordance with proper social distancing guidelines.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please stay safe!

Hawaii Dog Foundation DOES NOT have a hard-sided facility. All of our dogs reside in individual foster homes!

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Major, male  

Major is a 3 year old, neutered male who weighs about 38 lbs.

Here’s what we love about him so far:

He’s eager to please


He does really well in a crate

He didn’t mind a bath- in fact, he leaned in to all the scratches

He gets along well with other dogs

He likes people

He likes to play fetch (well he likes the “human throws it and he chases after it” part). 

After he pees or poops, he scratches off, but super exaggerated (video coming soon). Kinda looks like a drum major, so the name is fitting


The “stuff” we’ve already started working on: 

- Not everything we’re doing is about you, so please get out of the kitchen?

- Please walk nicely on a leash. That way, we can both enjoy this walk

- No, my flower pot is not a fire hydrant

- “Sit” means put your hind quarters on the ground- I promise, good things will happen

- “Wait” means slow your roll and focus- I promise good things will happen

If you're interested in meeting Major, please complete an adoption application here and ask for him by name! We don’t think it will take long for this cool dude to find his forever human(s).

Junior, male  

Junior is a 2 1/2 year old male and looking for his furever home! If Junior could talk to us and tell us what kind of home he'd like, it'd look a lot like having paw-rents who have time to play with me every day. Junior also would be a perfect running buddy if that's your thing! Juniors goals look a lot like hiking, snuggles, more snuggles. Junior has lived with other dogs previously but at this time we recommend he be the only dog in the home. We know that Junior is not fond of cats or smaller dogs. We don't recommend a home with small children. Foster mom reports that Junior knows basic commands like sit and stay. He's a pretty fast learner. Junior is potty trained, neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all vaccinations. Foster mom is working on some basic leash and crate training skills before he heads off to his new home, where ever that may be! Junior does suffer from some separation anxiety but with the right training, he'll be golden! It's recommended that there be an ALPHA in the home as Junior can be a little bit of a pushy guy. PSA: Junior comes with a ginormous bean bag (it's pretty cool) but it is something he really loves and feels comfortable on. If you're interested in meeting Junior, please complete an adoption application here and ask for him by name!

Malie, Female 

Meet Malie, a 3-4 year old female Yorkie/schnauzer mix. Malie was saved from a horrendous breeding ring. Foster mom describes her as sweet and LOVES to snuggle! Malie is exactly what her name means, mellow. Although she gets along well with other pets, she prefers to interact with hoomans more. Loves to follow you from room to room and daily bully rubs, napping is considered the napping queen in her current foster home! She will require multiple meet and greets with her future family.
Malie needs a calm, quiet environment. Malie would do well with hoomans as she is a loyal companion! Malie likes routine so if you like routines then she's your girl! We don't recommend her being in a home with small children. If you're interested in meeting Malie, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!

Sheba, female IS OFFICALLY ADOPTED!!!!!

Meet Sheba! Sheba is approximately 3-6 years old and the biggest love bug! As you can see from her photo, Sheba is a true beach babe. We know she gets along with other dogs but cats are not Sheba's jam. Hoomans of all shapes and sizes are right up her alley. Sheba has never known what a crate is so crate training is slow but foster mom is working hard on it!Potty training is a breeze for this girl. Sheba walks well on a leash and has been super gentle with little ones who have wanted to meet her. If you're interested in meeting Sheba, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!


Biscuit loves his bed unconditionally. Post morning/afternoon zoomies, and bedtime you will definitely find him asleep in his bed. Biscuit takes no prisoners to dog beds, if you have one, he deems it his as he lays on his thrown but is not territorial! His favorite toy is a thrown ball or stick. He’s good at the fetch part, still working on the whole “bring it back” thing. Already knows how to sit, shake, and lie down. Let’s us know when he needs to go out or wants to come in. Biscuit is unsure of cats. He was interested and wants to get close but does not show proper servitude required of the feline kingdom when he approaches. Absolutely loves car rides. Behaves really well and stays in his seat. Biscuit's fosters have started crate training, only barked bc he needed to pee at 3am but we will take that over the mess for sure. With no outside distractions (kids playing close by, doorbell, etc) he’s super quiet and chill. Totally down to meet new dogs. If you'd like to meet Biscuit, please complete an adoption application here and ask for her by name!

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