Interested in Fostering?

Fostering is a great way to give back to our community without the forever obligation of caring for a pet! If you've ever wondered about fostering or have been interested but don't have the information, look no further!


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Where do our dogs come from?


Hawaii Dog Foundation works hand in hand with a foundation called, Aloha Animal Outreach. Like HDF, AAO is dedicated to giving homeless dogs on Oahu a second chance at life. It is a place where fosters and rescues can see dogs in need and then connect to get them out of their current situation. Aloha Animal Outreach provides services all around the island to many homeless camps. On their outreach days, they are providing dogs and their owners with many things that are needed, such as towels, blankets, leashes, collars, food, dog beds/crates, preventatives and much more! Sadly, there comes a time when an owner is unable to care for their dog. This can mean they cannot financially provide medical needs for a dog or want their dog to have a better life. SO many of the owners they encounter love their dogs with all their heart! AAO will contact HDF to see if we have any available fosters. So, what do these dogs look like?

They can have:


-skin infections
-Open wounds
-Heart worms
-Failing organs
-They won't be neutered or spayed
-They might not have been to the vet yet

What to Expect as a Foster


Hawaii Dog Foundations Requirements:
• The potential foster to meet the potential foster dog before taking them in

• A in-person OR virtual home tour


Many of these dogs are chained up and use the bathroom wherever they can. That means that they won't be potty trained, they won't know basic commands (such as sit, stay etc.), they won't be leashed trained, they won't know what a crate is or why they're being put in it. They may chew up anything in your house, have accidents in the house, and/or throw up in the house. They'll need to be taken to the vet and given preventatives monthly. We try to start foster's off with an easy dog but that still doesn't mean they know anything at all. Fosters have the option to be part of the adoption process or not but since you will be fostering this dog, you're going to know him/her more than us! When you foster a dog, HDF will cover the vet costs. We supply food, a crate if needed, a collar, a tag with HDF information, leash, a few toys and cover all medical costs. We currently use a vet in Aiea, Aloha Affordable. HDF will make the appointments for your foster dog, and we do do our best to schedule the appointment far enough in advance so you can change your schedule if need be! *Please note: You will not be able to make the vet appointments yourself. If you have a conflict of interest, please let our HDF rep know to work out further details. We do our best to treat for contagious disease in these animals upon arrival to your home, but on occasion they are carrying an illness that could be spread to you or a resident pet. If you have current pets residing in your home, they should be current on vaccinations. The animals are spayed and neutered prior to adoption, and we ask for your assistance in getting them to and from the vet for this procedure. If you are not able to do this, we will work to find another volunteer who can help facilitate this.

Your Job as a Foster

Your main job as a foster includes multiple things!


  1. Provide a lovingsafe place for your foster dog
  2. Provide food, medication, and general care for your foster dog

  3. Teach basic commands like sit, stay, down

  4. Work on some crate training as well as leash training

  5. Get to know your foster. What doe she/he like? What doe she/he

    doesn’t like? How are they with other animals? How are they on a


  6. If  your foster dog is healthy enough, provide daily exercise, play time,

    and walks.

  7. Contact HDF immediately if any medical issues arise.

  8. Transport the dog to and from vet appointments.

  9. Keep dogs away from dog parks, beaches, and public

    places until they are fully vaccinated.

  10. Provide updated photos and biographical information about your foster dog. As the foster parent, you will become very familiar with the quirks and endearing qualities of your foster dog. This is the type of information that will help your foster dog find a loving home.

  11. Please give HDF as much notice as possible if you will be going on vacation or if you will be unable to foster a dog after a certain date. We will arrange for a temporary or long-term foster home


When it comes time to set up meet and greets you have two options:

1. You can be apart of your fosters adoption since you do know them best. This would look like attending meet and greets in a set location and meeting interested adopters. You are more than welcome to ask questions and get to know these families.


2. You can choose to opt out of the adoption. A volunteer would come pick your foster up and return he/she after the meet and greets are done.

Need to Know


The most common question we receive is when it comes to fosters is, “what if it’s not working out?”

  • The answer to that is simple- You will return the dog back to HDF. HOWEVER, we do ask that you keep the dog until we can find a replacement foster.
  • HDF does ask that you foster the dog for a minimum of 30 DAYS

What Vet Care Looks Like


Our number one goal is always to get your foster dog into the vet as soon as possible. Medical care can look different for each dog depending on their needs.



1st Appointment

  • 10 weeks old
  • First vaccination
  • Microchip
  • (1) month of Simparica (Flea, tick, and hw preventative)


2nd Appointment

  • 4 weeks from their 1st appointment  
  • 2nd vaccination
  •  (1) month of Simparica


3rd Appointment

4 weeks from their 2nd vaccination

  • 3rd and final vaccination

  • (1) month of Simparica


  • 6 months of age

  • If your foster dog is still with you, you’ll receive (1) month of Simparic


Dogs 1+ Years:

1st Appointment

  •  1 vaccination and/or booster
  • Testing for: Heart worm and Erlichea
  • Microchip if needed
  • (1+) month of Simparica (Flea, tick, and hw preventative)
  • Spay & neuter will be discussed at a later date

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Adoption Event / Meet & Greets

To schedule a meet and greet, please fill out an adoption application in its entirety and ask for the dog, by name and we'll give you call to set it up.

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