How to relinquish if needed

There are two options that Hawaii Dog Foundation offers:


Please understand that we are a group of all voulnteers and we do not have a hard sided facility. As of March 1st, we are short staffed on foster homes.


1. We can create a curtsey post for you. We would ask you for a good contact number and/or email and interested parties would contact you directly. This looks a lot like pictures of your pup and important information. Things to include would be:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Up to date on medical care
  • Spay/Neutered
  • Microchipped
  • How are they with other animals?
  • What is something super cute they do?
  • Are they house trained?
  • Do they know any kinds of commands (i.e. sit, down, shake)
  • What does their new home look like?
  • Are they good with children?
  • Do they need to be the only animal in the home?



2. If we have an open foster home that suits the needs of your dog, we ask a few simple things:

  • All medical records
  • All items of your pup (collar, leash, food, crate)
  • Sign relinquishment forms

Please note: If your dog is not up to date on vaccinations/medical care, spayed/neutered, and microchipped- we do ask for a donation to cover the costs to get the dog up to date.



*If we do not have an open foster home for your dog, we suggest checking several other rescues on the island!

  • Fur Angel Foundation
  • Hope for Dogs
  • Paws of Hawaii
  • Poi Dogs & Popoki
  • Hawaiian Humane Society

Contact Us:

General Information

Phone: (808) 782-8387  


Adoptions Information

Phone: (808) 256-6927  



Adoption Event / Meet & Greets

To schedule a meet and greet, please fill out an adoption application in its entirety and ask for the dog, by name and we'll give you call to set it up.

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