The HDF Adoption Process

For an adoption to be successful, HDF believes it’s important that the dog be a good fit for the family and that the family be a good fit for the dog. Hawaii Dog Foundation does not believe in first come first serve.


STEP 1 in the adoption process is the HDF Adoption Application. We ask that you complete the online adoption application to help us identify dogs that would be a good fit for your lifestyle and dog ownership experience. Please add as much information as you can!


Hawaii Dog Foundation rescue dogs all live in foster homes with families—not in a shelter.  In the foster home, the dog becomes familiar with household routines so the transition to a permanent home is a little easier. Fostering also helps us evaluate the type of home in which the dog would probably do best. Some dogs need an active family that can take them running and hiking while others would do better in a less active home. Some dogs love kids; others would do better in a house with only adults.  Some dogs need an experienced dog owner; others will do fine with a first-time dog owner.


Step 2 in the adoption process is to meet HDF dogs! If you list a particular dog that you are interested in adopting, you will receive phone/email contact within 72 hours about adoption events that that dog is expected to attend. If you don’t list any particular dog, you will receive phone/email contact about dogs that may be a good fit for your family and the adoption events they are expected to attend.


Step 3 in the adoption process is a sleep-over (a trial adoption period).  The dog will live with your family for a couple of weeks or a month—long enough to determine whether or not the dog is a good fit for your family and vice versa.  HDF will bring the dog to your house along with some of the dog’s favorite “stuff” (food, treats, toys, dog bed, food/water dishes, etc.)  An HDF coordinator will contact you regularly during the sleep-over to address any issues with the dog. During this time, you are required to drive the dog to all of it's medical appointments. Appointments are made by an HDF representative and cost is covered by the foundation.


Step 4 would be to either finalize the adoption or transfer the dog back to HDF foster care.  If the adoption is finalized, HDF will send you the dog’s medical history and transfer the micro-chip to you. Please note: the adoption is 100% final after the spay/neuter.


If the adoption does not go forward, that is not a problem. The most important thing is that both the dog and the family be happy!


In any case, HDF is with you every step of the way.  After a dog is adopted, we would love to see you and your new family member at HDF adoption events. And, if you can post pictures of your new family member on the HDF Facebook page, we would really appreciate it.  Foster families love to see how their former foster dogs are doing!

Contact Us:

General Information

Phone: (808) 782-8387  


Adoptions Information

Phone: (808) 256-6927  



Adoption Event / Meet & Greets

To schedule a meet and greet, please fill out an adoption application in its entirety and ask for the dog, by name and we'll give you call to set it up.

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